I'm basically a lazy gamer, with lots of love for cheesy epic metal, philosophy, astronomy, and vikings. I'm picky as hell about every imaginable thing a person could be picky about. Purdy much it.
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Kadu-out (Lucian)
Shinrajunkie (Draven)

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I hyperventilated a lot.

I also feel bad for my close friends who don’t play League lololol

cos they got (and still are getting) bombarded with texts and snapchats about A New Dawn

my friends don’t play league either so I had no one to fangirl to T_T

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Yeah just drop me off right here this is good

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[[That new cinematic was hella dope.]]

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Nami Cosplay



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his little sneakers are the best

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[[sweet tooth]]

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one of the most on point things i have seen in a minute

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